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As you undertake your learning expedition, it is vital that you understand the role of the School, to make your journey meaningful and give yourself a sense of purpose as you walk in to the doors of The Millennium School Karnal. It is firstly important to understand what a School is for? We have to figure out what you want to know, understand and be able to do, and then look at what you need to learn and how. One of the primary aims of Education is to help young people understand the world around them, how it works and how they can make their way in it.

A school has to prepare a child for the world around them, while nurturing their inherent interests and competencies. Education at the School needs to offer them a rich curriculum and a broad range of learning experiences through which they will explore the world outside and within them. Sir Ken Robinson - an internationally acclaimed Educationist defines the purpose of education as: “To enable students to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active compassionate citizens.”

There are four main purposes of Education that should matter to each of you. These are: -

Economic Development -to enable them to find purposeful work in a relevant profession and make a living. In a constantly changing environment, one of the key requirements from Education is to empower children with Skills, which will enable them to adapt and be successful in a dynamic world.

Social Development - a child’s social and emotional development is a collaborative effort of the parent and school. Children learn by listening to and seeing the actions of people around them. Schools which encourage children working in groups can make them learn to cooperate, share and develop ideas in solving problems and meeting common goals.

Cultural Development - to educate children about the world around them means learning about their own and other people’s cultures. Just as children learn to speak from people around, they absorb the culture of the community they are part of. With a more populated and connected world, living with differences may be existentially important, and hence the cultural diversity that a school community offers goes a long way in developing a child.

Personal Development - Every child is unique and one of the key purposes of education is to develop them into an intellectually empowered and responsible individual who understands the importance of human interaction, interconnectedness and interdependence. Education is about extending a child’s horizons, developing their skills and deepening their understanding. Children should be able to handle their inner world of thoughts and feelings.

Education must be personal. Although learning is social, all learners are individuals. Every child is unique and learns different ways at a different pace. Our learning approachis to enable you to learn about the unique world within yourself and to make your own way in the world around yourself, and equipping you with the Skills to take up challenges for the future.

Kunal Bhadoo
(Chairman, School Management Committee - The Millennium School Karnal)

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